Monday, 12 March 2012

The Hangman's Tree

This is probably one of my favourite compositions so far. Even though the City Scene was very effective, and this composition keeps in the same style as Mountain Scene, I like the simplicity and overall tone of this piece. Like recent posts, I have uploaded three different colour hues of the same painting, to compare which one is the most effective to use in my film.

I am drawn to the top image the most as the other two images appear to hold too much of the same colour. Like the previous post of the Mountain Scene, I have included the same brush texture to achieve  detail at the bottom of the tree. Anymore detail added to this piece would stray away from the focal point of the tree and the textured detail on the ground.

However, there are improvements ... I think I may add some more detail to the branches and more texture to the bark of the tree. Also, a light source needs to be added behind the clouds ... a "sickly sun" type of light source, so as to balance out the lightness of the fog above the ground.